A note on the header: “Look out, honey, ’cause I’m using technology” is from the Iggy Pop song “Search and Destroy.” As a librarian I’m more interested in the “search” part.

I am a librarian  in my late twenties, living in Belmont, MA. I was born in Arlington, VA, and raised in Santa Barbara, CA. My lifelong interest in books and learning led me to Hampshire College, where I studied history, literature, and education, and also learned to play ultimate frisbee.

After graduation, I pursued an interest in publishing; I completed the Columbia Publishing Course and found a job at a small literary agency in New York. I enjoyed the many author readings and the independent bookstores throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, but after nearly three years, I was happy to return to Massachusetts.

I earned my Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College in Boston, where I took classes on digital libraries, usability, and user instruction, in addition to all the core courses (see coursework).  I am especially interested in information literacy, information architecture, and usability, as well as young adult literature.  After working part-time for several months at the Wilmington Memorial Library, I now work at the Robbins Library in Arlington, MA.

I’m involved in the ultimate frisbee scene in Boston, and I enjoy cooking and baking. For over a year, I worked in the library at America’s Test Kitchen, bringing two of my favorite things – books and food – together.

You can read about some of my own culinary adventures on my blog, and find out what I’m reading at the moment on LibraryThing.

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