Résumé Workshop
Wilmington Memorial Library
March 12, 2012
In this workshop, I explained the purpose of a résumé and showed how to create one, step by step. I covered the basic sections (heading, education, experience, skills, interests), and included tips on what to do and what not to do, in terms of both content and format. Students left with improved résumés and a handout of guidelines and further resources.

Introduction to Google Docs
Simmons College Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) Tech Lab
March 12, 2012
This workshop introduced students to Google Docs, the suite of online software useful for accessing your work anywhere and sharing it with others. Students learned how to create, download, upload, share, and organize docs, spreadsheets, and forms.

Microsoft Word 2010
Wilmington Memorial Library
March 26, April 2, April 9, 2012
This was a three-part class that served as an introduction for beginners and as a review for those who were familiar with Word 2010 or older versions of the software. Starting with the basic File menu (new, save, save as, open, print), students learned how to create a document; how to choose the font, color, size, and alignment; how to control the margins, spacing, and columns; how to insert borders, images, and tables; and how to do a mail merge for envelopes, labels, or letters.

cascadeStaff Picks Book Group
Robbins Library, Arlington
September 2012-present
Every few months I facilitate a discussion (not exactly “teaching”) at the Staff Picks Book Group I started at the library with two co-workers; we rotate leading monthly discussions. Thus far, I have led discussions of The Paris Wife by Paula McLain (Sept. 20, 2012), Cascade by Maryanne O’Hara (Feb. 20, 2013), Gold by Chris Cleave (May 30, 2013), and All the Light There Was by Nancy Kricorian (October 16, 2013).

All About E-Readers (E-Reader Expo/E-Reader Petting Zoo)
Robbins Library, Arlington
January 2, 2013 
This was a team-taught presentation/workshop on the topic of e-readers for patrons at the Robbins Library. Using the projector, we gave attendees a virtual tour of the digital media catalog and explained the steps to download e-books and digital audiobooks through OverDrive onto various devices. After the main presentation, we offered hands-on training on library devices and troubleshooting with patrons’ devices (Kindles, nooks, and Apple products).  Blog post | Event calendar

Windows 8 for Beginners
Robbins Library, Arlington
October 24, 2013
This fall the library got new laptops equipped with Windows 8 for patrons to check out and use within the library. This class offers an introduction to the Windows 8 operating system for those new to it.

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