Graduate Coursework

Summer 2010
LIS-404* Principles of Management, Patricia Deyton
LIS-415* Organization of Information (Cataloging and Classification), Candy Schwartz

Fall 2010
LIS-407* Reference and Information Services, Howard Rodriguez-Mori
LIS-488* Technology for Information Professionals, Michael Leach
LIS-450 Organization and Management of Public Libraries, Michael Sullivan

Spring 2011
LIS-453 Collection Development, Michael Leach
LIS-462 Digital Libraries, Candy Schwartz (Caroline Stokes project)
LIS-467 Web Development and Information Architecture, Linda Braun

Summer 2011 
LIS-403* Evaluation of Information Services, Naresh Agarwal

Fall 2011 
LIS-408 User Instruction, Vivienne Piroli
LIS-483 Young Adult Literature, Amy Pattee
LIS-531Y Usability and User Experience Research, Rong Tang

*Core (required) courses


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