Drupal and UX

The GSLIS Tech Lab offered a follow-up to last week’s CMS workshop in the form of a hands-on Drupal workshop. Unfortunately, due to a technical glitch we weren’t able to do an installation (though we were promised a video tutorial in its place), but we did create sites using Drupal Gardens and learn the basics. It seems a lot less confining than WordPress, and correspondingly a little more complicated, but Drupal 7 is leaps and bounds better in this respect than previous versions, I hear. I look forward to playing with it some more.

This evening was another ALA Brown Bag lunch (offered both during lunchtime and in the evening now, so more people can attend). This time we had a guest speaker, GSLIS alum (’05) Khalilah Gambrell, who is currently a User Experience Senior Requirements Analyst at EBSCO Publishing. Having a guest speaker there focused the discussion a bit more and gave current students a chance to ask questions of a recent grad with experience in the field. A few resources that Khalilah recommended on the topic of user experience (UX) were the book Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug and the sites Mashable, Read, Write, Web, and Boxes and Arrows.

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