Simmons GSLIS in the News

Faculty and students from Simmons’ Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS) were featured in this Boston Globe article, “Checking out the future,” by Sam Allis. Here’s an excerpt:

“Tomorrow’s librarians face a two-year graduate school curriculum freighted with technology courses that didn’t exist 10 years ago, courses that will likely be replaced by others within a year or two. The future of libraries is a constantly evolving digital landscape, and technical literacy, as it is in so many other fields, is absolutely essential to find a job in a brutal job market…

…While the core mission of librarians hasn’t changed — they are still committed to provide information to patrons who need it, wherever they are — most everything else has.”

This is more or less what I say when confronted with the “libraries are dying” sentiment. They aren’t dying; the core mission, to provide equal access to information, still remains and is just as relevant as ever. Not all of that information is contained solely in books anymore, however; we have to keep pace with technology and use it to our advantage. Libraries are not dying – they are  evolving.

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