Top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy books (according to NPR poll)

A comment thread in the ALA group on LinkedIn alerted me to an article about an NPR poll’s Top 100 list of science fiction and fantasy books. Science fiction (or sci-fi, or SF) and fantasy are generally regarded as two quite distinct genres by people who read one or the other (or both); people who read neither tend not to distinguish as much. It was a little jarring to see them all mixed together – William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, at #11, is sandwiched between Neil Gaiman’s American Gods and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series – but it’s certainly a great list.

One thought on “Top 100 Sci-Fi and Fantasy books (according to NPR poll)

  1. […] The folks at SF Signal have devised a flowchart to add context to NPR’s list of top science fiction and fantasy books (though if you follow that link to NPR, you’ll see they did at least add a blurb about each book – the initial list was really just a list). I originally posted about it here. […]

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