Mother/Daughter Book Club: One Year Anniversary

In February 2021, not long after our move across the state, we started a mother/daughter book club for friends old and new. Now we’re celebrating one year of monthly virtual meetings full of picture books and arts and crafts!

Cover images of picture books in caption
What A Lucky Day, A Butterfly is Patient, Amy Wu and the Perfect Bao, My Best Friend, Laxmi’s Mooch, Hansel & Gretel, A Small Kindness, The Very Last Castle
Cover images of picture books
I’m Done!, Extra Yarn, The Halloween Tree, Thank You Omu!, On Account of the Gum, Jabari Jumps

Through these books, we’ve encountered instant best friendship; how kindness can spread and generosity comes back around; the importance of perseverance, courage, and open-mindedness; and how a unique twist on a mainstream perspective can make things just right. Here’s to more reading and togetherness in 2022!

One thought on “Mother/Daughter Book Club: One Year Anniversary

  1. […] Last year we read 13 books in 11 months, and this year we read 24 books in 11 months (Flowers Are Pretty…Weird is on two different slides by accident, we only read it once. Though I think we also read Butterflies Are Pretty…Gross by the same author/illustrator pair). As the girls have gotten more used to and comfortable with the Zoom experience, their attention span is a bit longer, so we usually read two or three books at each meeting. […]

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