When Will There Be Good News?

Yes, I borrowed the title of a Kate Atkinson book for this post (although if you’re going to read her, I highly recommend Case Histories instead). It is now a full week into the new year (happy 2012!) and this is my first post; I have written others but they did not seem like the right ones with which to begin the year.

This morning, however, I read an article in the Boston Globe about a 13-year-old Massachusetts boy who contacted artists to create trees, which he would then donate the the nonprofit Reach Out and Read; the organization could auction off the artists’ trees at their annual fundraiser to raise money for early literacy.

Not only is this a cool idea, and an admirable (and successful) effort on the part of a teenage boy, but what really got to me was his quote at the end of the article: “Sometimes when people say they don’t like to read, the truth is they just haven’t found a book they like.’’ Sounds like a future librarian to me…

One thought on “When Will There Be Good News?

  1. I wonder if this young person/artist link is catching. There was a young girl here who got artists to donate their work for a fundraiser for our Humane Society – she’d been volunteering there with her mother.
    And one of those pieces of art is hanging in my house.
    It was a very cool event. Wish I could have felt it was ok to buy a photo of a lion that someone took in Africa. It was amazing. $$$$$$$$
    Anyway, good for the young people!

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